A bit about Lani

My early childhood dreams did not include the idea of a career, however, that’s what life offered me in my late thirties. While raising six children I landed a job in broadcast media and entered the workforce. Spending a few years as Public Relations Manager in radio and television I took a slight detour and engaged the opportunity to work as the Community Relations Manager for the student film and media school at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, USA.


Every adventure offers new growth which is what happened as I pursued my degree while managing the International Documentary Film Festival presented by DSU. On 4 May 2014 I received my Bachelor of Science in Communication with an emphasis in organisation and leadership. This was no small task as my college years also included raising children and working full time.


Six months later I moved with my husband and youngest son to Raglan, New Zealand. I’ve spent a few years away from the corporate sector and recently stumbled onto the term Sophrology.

Tracing back the steps, I was searching the internet for something completely unrelated and ended up on the blog of Philip Carr-Gomm. Randomly reading his post where he announced he was giving up all practices and career paths to focus on Sophrology completely captured my interest. I jumped from searching for the lyrics to a song and spent the next hour reading and watching anything I could find, in English, about Sophrology. 

Since 2003, along with raising children, filling a busy work schedule, and doing homework, I studied and practiced various holistic ventures in search of something I could fully embrace. Nothing stuck until now. Sophrology, for me, is the complete package. The combination of western science and eastern wisdom ensures the ability to study conscious harmony in a really dynamic way. The practice of sophrology creates conscious awareness whereby I am able to recognise how my body speaks, how my mind thinks and how my spirit engages all of it.

This life journey we’re on encompasses various experiences and a rollercoaster of emotions. Looking back I imagine sophrology would’ve been extremely helpful with family, career and my late-in-life education however, opportunities come into our lives when we are most ready and now is the best time for me to share this learning with you.

Join me and begin your own personal journey of sophrology.