Raglan Radio

Ongoing conversations with Raglan Radio morning show host, Aaron Mooar. While so much is on your physical health, Lani and Aaron talk holistic health strategies using Sophrology as the foundation. The structure of your existence is mind, body, spirit, and emotion. We do our best to focus on all the bits that are you. 

Values Driven Leadership

A podcast interview with Life & Leadership host, Dr. Michelle St Jane. Lani enjoyed an 8-week journey with Michelle introducing her to various coping tools and techniques. Michelle was very enthusiastic about the holistic approach to wellbeing. (25 min)

Living Our Lives Well

A webinar presentation in partnership with the Huntsman World Senior Games entitled Overcoming Stress & Anxiety to Achieve Clarity of Mind. Watch and receive an introduction to the techniques used during the dynamic relaxation exercises. Plus, participate in a moving meditation. (55 mn)