A Touch of Starlight

By now you are no doubt aware that on 21 December Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in the solar system, will appear closer together in Earth’s night sky than they have been since the Middle Ages. This offering from Nature will provide a celestial treat and is even more significant being present on the day we recognise solstice. Depending on where you live on the globe, it’s either winter or summer solstice. Either way this is an opportunity to consider the light of the universe which exists within us.

It has been said that if a person is to shed light on others, they must first have it within themselves. Sophro Solace offers you A Touch of Starlight, a sophrology exercise which brings light from the Heavens through the mind body connection. Please accept this gift from Sophro Solace in celebration of the light we acknowledge during solstice and this Christmas season.

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