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In the News

The Guardian, Emma Ledger, 12 November 2017 - Sophrology: Absolute Control Over Your Body, Your Mind and Your Heart -

NBC News, Vivian Manning-Schaffel, 16 May 2018 -

Stuff NZ, Stephen Heard, 2 June 2019 -

Cosmopolitan, Maddy Alford, 3 July 2020 -


'Empower Your Life with Sophrology: Quick and Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress, Boost Self-esteem, and Help You Find Joy', Philip Carr-Gomm

'The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology: A Practical Guide to Reducing Stress and Living Up to Your Full Potential', Dominque Antiglio

'The Sophrology Method: Simple Mind-body Techniques for a Calmer, Happier, Healthier You', Florence Parot

'Three Fundamental Principles of Sophrology', Dorna Revie

'Sophrology: Absolute Control Over Your Body, Your Mind and Your Heart', Joaquin De Saint Aymour

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