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Self-Discovery Workshops

One-to-One or Group Option Available

  • $30/week/person
  • One-to-One, With Your Group, Zoom Room

About this Session

Mind, Body, Spirit, Breath - Mental Heath, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Health GIVE IT A BOOST! Enjoy an 8-week series of 1-hour Sophrology sessions with intention to achieve restful sleep, increase energy, improve relationships, release stress and anxiety, promote happiness, and experience overall health and wellbeing. Once you’ve learned the basic Sophrology Techniques you can practice them anytime, anywhere when you feel the need to slow down, re-energise or simply experience the sensations over and over again. Develop clarity of mind, and inner well-being to help you better interact with yourself and others. Discover the ability to make strength and values-based decisions that will set you on a path to a positive future. Gather a group of friends, colleagues, associates, or family and let’s get you going in a productive direction.

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Waikato, New Zealand