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About Me


Lani Puriri

Your Sophrologist & Wellbeing Coach

I am a burnout survivor.

Burnout is tricky. It sneaks in when you least expect it and can feel endless.


Burnout is not something that happens in the blink of an eye. It's an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual state of exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.


And it's different for everyone.


For me, it came along in 2019. After many years of self-neglect and trying to be all things to all people, the eleven systems of my body cried out, “WHAT ABOUT US?”, and they shut down.


I realised that if life was going to be enjoyable and productive, I needed to make some changes. So I did. I stumbled onto Sophrology and built a wellbeing toolkit.  


Through my life experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, teacher, student, and friend, I've learned that life is a rollercoaster of highs and lows and ups and downs - burnout is what happens when you are unable to manage the ride. 


Get your tools to repair and maintain a healthy lifestyle below.

3 Different Ways I Can Help You


Power Up For Change

Change is happening all the time and it can be scary. That’s because the brain is resistant.

Are you ready to be okay with change?


In Person & Individual Workshops

Discover life-changing techniques to help you simplify, strengthen, and improve your thoughts and relationships.


Meditate With Me

Listen on your favourite platform.

Spotify,  Apple Music, iTunes,

and Insight Timer.

About Sophrology

The Study Of Conscious Harmony

Conscious harmony is mind-body connection through sensory awareness, cell appreciation and self-discovery.

Sophrology was created by Prof. Alfonso Caycedo, a neuro-psychiatrist who studied medicine in Spain after the Civil War.


Alfonso was searching for a way to bring traumatised war victims back to a healthy state (physically and mentally) with minimal use of medication. 

He worked with many doctors in Switzerland and travelled to the East studying Yoga, Zen, and Buddhism searching for core practices and exercises.

Now, Sophrology is widely practiced across all of Europe. From schools to hospitals. Everyday people, to Olympic athletes and CEOs.

In Switzerland Sophrology has been proven to help people reduce intake of medication by 30% and is reimbursed by the Swiss National Insurance programmes.

Each exercise combines breathing techniques, gentle movement, and creative visualisation. This is called a dynamic practice.

Sophrology focuses on your inner resources rather than the problem. This empowers you to move forward, feel stronger, and improve your relationship with your body.

A 12 Minute Introduction to Sophrology

Includes QR code to happiness meditation.

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