About Sophro Solace

YOU have the answer,
I'll help you find it. 

Lani Puriri, Sophrologist

Wellness and Self Discovery Coach

After 28 years of raising six children, 15 years of full time work and 4 years of collegiate education Lani retired from her corporate career in Utah, USA and moved to Raglan, New Zealand. It was a 4 year journey of discovery before she found her way to Retirement Coaching.


Lani has 40-years’ experience serving in various pastoral positions which allowed her to develop rapport with mature members of the congregations. Within all those years she, along with her siblings, cared for aging parents and her sister who passed from an 8-year battle with cancer.


Lani’s creative future is now focused on working with people 50+ who are on a path of self-discovery. Using her skills as a Sophrologist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Lani guides clients through self-discovery. Taking a holistic approach in consideration of mind, body, spirit, breath, and consciousness she’ll help you build a relationship with yourself.

“Years of external responsibility to your social outreach including family, friends, colleagues, and associates can deplete the ability to access personal likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams – to really know your true self.  As this happens, we approach later years in life with trepidation and reach the final years existing but not really living. It's amazing how conversation, balanced breathing, gentle movement, and mind power strategies can create clarity of mind allowing you to see your creative future. Whether looking at life transformation, living in a retirement village or care centre, I'm working with people who have a desire to feel alive now and to their very last breath.”


About Sophrology

Sophrology is the study of conscious harmony. It is a dynamic practice where each exercise combines breathing techniques, gentle movement, and creative visualisation. Once you have learned the many life changing techniques of Sophrology you can practice them anytime you feel the need to slow down, re-energise and feel joy. 

Sophrology focuses not on the problem itself but on the inner resources of the individual. Empowering them to move forward and feel stronger.


The structured sophrology programme being used today has grown out of research and experience. Sophrology was created by Prof. Alfonso Caycedo who was a neuro-psychiatrist, studying medicine in Spain after the Civil War in the 1960s. He was searching for a way to effectively bring traumatised war victims back to a healthy physical and mental state with minimal use of medication. 

The professor worked with Doctors in Switzerland and travelled to the East studying Yoga, Zen and Buddhism, searching for core practices and exercises that speedily and effectively produced positive results. 


Sophrology is widely practiced across Continental Europe in different settings including schools, hospitals, and corporate environments. The dynamic practice is beginning to grow globally and is championed by everyone from Olympic athletes to outstanding CEOs.

In Switzerland Sophrology has been proven to help people reduce intake of medication by 30% and is reimbursed by the Swiss National Insurance programmes.


Sophrology can influence and transform your life.