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Sophro Sessions

This is my favourite part of Sophrology where we engage balanced breathing, gentle movement, and creative visioning with intention to be safe and secure in the body.


The aim of meditation in Sophrology is to ground in the body. Every exercise includes three key techniques – body scan, tension release, and vital sophro energising.


Once you’re at home in the body you’re able to sense physical stimulation and how the body systems speak to you. 


You can more easily enjoy creative visioning and discover greater possibilities once you feel safe and secure in your body. Meditation in Sophrology can create a sustained level of awareness in daily living. 

Rainbow of Happiness

This is the first exercise we'll practice together. This meditation is an opportunity to become familiar with the sensation of colour in the body and how it feels to be truly happy.


Before you can understand your mind it's important to ground your body. Your body is your home. Before you examine the mind, your past, or your creative positive future, be comfortable at home.  

Please enjoy this meditation and join me on this journey of discovery.

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Journey of Discovery

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Insight Timer

Mind body integration. 

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