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Rainbow Among the Clouds

Rainbow Mood Lift is the first exercise we use to introduce people to sophrology.

The meditation begins with a lateral body scan to encourage you to become aware of differences and similarities on each side of the body. Once settled into the body you are able to identify colour in the body; notice where it shows up and how it feels. This is a figurative experience where you can choose to see a rainbow of colour within your body. The final part of this exercise is to connect with a past happy moment and then imagine it to be happening in the present. As the mind envisions the body responds. Now is the time to notice how happiness feels in the body.

At the time I was unaware of the knowledge that emotion is in the body. It is created in the amygdala which then sends messages into the systems of the body which generates a reaction or response. That’s a lesson for another time.

My first experience with the Rainbow Mood Lift was actually my first intentional experience with meditation.

Sophrology encourages us to see with curiosity “as if it is the first time”. I did not do this. For many years prior to my sophrology journey I studied the Sanskrit Chakra. When prompted to think of colour in the body my brain went to what was familiar and focused on areas of colour as represented in Chakra traditions.

As for happiness in my body, I noticed vibration and tingling sensations which I later came to understand as a phronic, or profound, experience.

The lateral body scan was also very profound. I’d never connected with my body in this way and it was very endearing.

A student enrolled in a Sophrology Diploma Course is required to practise the same meditation daily for seven days. My first week of intentional meditation helped to create a foundation upon which I could build.

What I’ve noticed since my first experience is that the more I’ve engaged in the dynamic practice of Sophrology, the more I’ve come to enjoy this simple exercise to lift my mood. I’m now able to access the tools of this exercise in any setting without needing to close my eyes in a complete state of concentration.

The ability to achieve happiness is my decision and I choose to find a rainbow among the clouds.

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