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Sophro Solace Booklets

Enhanced journals with an interactive experience.

These self-guided booklets allow you to freely explore so you can practice meditation at your own pace, in your own way.


Created from programs within Sophro Solace, each booklet is filled with audio-recorded meditations, written walkthroughs, and space for you to document your experience.

Sit, feel, and reflect, all in one place as you aim to build and maintain your wellbeing tool kit. 


A meditative journey into love. 

72 Pages   |   $24.99

Explore the many facets of love in this eight part meditation series with an aim to help you identify and sense how love resonates in your life.

This meditation journey starts with your breath, settles into body and mind, lovingly explores past and future, helps you become comfortable with receiving and giving love to yourself and others, and finishes off with grounding in Divine love.

Authentically living a Christ-like life.

72 pages  |  $24.99

As a Christian, do you sometimes feel like you're suffering from imposter syndrome?

The meditations in this booklet are meant to help you better understand and overcome human weakness, and rise to a more authentic level of Christ-like behavior.

The 10 topics of focus include: Curiosity, Your Divine Body, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Courage, Transformation, Patience, Generosity, Light, and Love.

Providing impactful tips and strategies every month.

Get actionable advice every month to help simplify, strengthen, and improve your relationship with your body.

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