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Unleash Your Power
of Calm and Happiness

I help people struggling with stress and emotional exhaustion transform into a more calm and happy version of themselves.

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Breath is the best tool to neutralize stress and anxiety!

Use this workbook to learn why breath is the first line of defense and try out the meditation included on page six.

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About Me

Most health coaches say they study the mind, body, breath, and spirit.

In addition to those, I study consciousness.

And how our bodies (all they way down to the cells) determine our behaviour and experiences.

4 years ago my parents and sister passed away within a 3-month period.

At some point I recovered, but I was not the same.

Everything about my existence was different and I knew change was necessary...

3 Different Ways I Can Help You


Power Up For Change

Change is happening all the time and it can be scary. That’s because the brain is resistant.

Are you ready to be okay with change?


In Person & Individual Workshops

Discover life-changing techniques to help you simplify, strengthen, and improve your thoughts and relationships.


Meditate With Me

Listen on your favourite platform.

Spotify,  Apple Music, iTunes,

and Insight Timer.

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