Harmony of mind, body, spirit, breath and consciousness. 
All the bits that are you.



Like the Fibonacci sequence, the dynamic practice of Sophrology can generate growth, build strength and accomplish inner peace. The gentle exercises convey movement, reveal energy, create light, and enhance awareness.

Improve Sleep - Increase Energy - Create Happiness

Manage Life with Ease - Promote Clarity of Mind

Release Stress & Anxiety - Improve & Maintain Health

The space you take up in the universe consists of light and structure. If you could see the effects of Sophrology on your being you would see the essence of the Fibonacci sequence.

Tune In

Informative videos on YouTube. 

Mind practice sessions on Insight Timer.

Conversations with Aaron on Raglan Radio.

Recorded dynamic relaxation exercises on Sophro Sessions. 

Fern Leaves
Image by Jaakko Kemppainen


"Thanks to Lani I am more calm and resilient. I have learned so many tools from Lani that have given me more space to breathe, and I feel as though I have more time and clarity. I used to feel like I was constantly in a rush. Sophrology is for anyone looking to improve their mind body connection and connect more deeply with themselves. I didn't realise how much my body needed this until I started doing workshops with Lani both 1 + 1 and in a group setting."

Dr. Kiri Binnersley

“If you are wanting to manage your health and wellbeing and connect better with your body and mind, I would recommend attending Sophro Solace Sophrology 101 sessions. As a registered nurse, these sessions have heightened my appreciation of the interconnectedness of my body's systems and the association of meditative thoughts, physical sensation and response. Lani leads with a professional, yet personal approach and guides the exercise with beautiful precision.”

Jacqui S.

“I have been working with Lani for many weeks now. Her workshops are life-changing. I leave feeling peaceful and ready to face my week. I would highly recommend it to anyone no matter what field you are working in, leadership, stay at home parent, self-employed, unemployed. You will never regret embarking on this guided journey.”

Linda K.