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What is Sophro Sunday?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Before I answer that question let me first help you understand Sophro, the root word of Sophrology.

Sophrosyne (sōphrosúnē)

Sophro and is taken from the ancient Greek word Sophrosyne. Some words are better experienced than spoken and this is one of those words.

There is not a direct word-for-word translation from Greek to English which means the definition is more of an explanation, or description.

Sophrosyne is derived from the word sophron, being of sound mind, being thoughtful about your future, and showing care towards yourself and others. It is a balanced state of being and can also be described as virtuous including qualities like compassion, self-control, and courage.

A sophrosyne person would have ideal characteristics of generosity, self-respect, patience, and show restraint in stressful situations. Living this way creates a life of harmony, peace, and happiness.

The opposite of Sophrosyne is hubris which refers to extreme ego, being full of pride, and self-absorbed. As humans we tend to overuse the ego and lead with selfish thoughts and actions.

No wonder then, that when Goddess Sophrosyne, described as prudent and moderate, escaped Pandora's box she flew straight back to Olympus, leaving behind all of mankind.

Sophrosyne is more easily understood through the famous quotes of The Oracle at Ancient Delphi: To “Know thyself” and “Nothing in excess”.

The philosophy is that being aware and living a good and simple life, can only lead to health in the mind, health in the body – balance and overall happiness!

Helen North, author of the book Sophrosyne written in 1966 described Sophrosyne as “the union of self-knowledge and self-restraint. To demonstrate this virtue, one needs to know themselves, and to use that knowledge to exercise control over their emotions and behaviour.”

So, back to the question,

What is Sophro Sunday?

Sophro Sunday is a monthly email in support of helping you move towards Sophrosyne in your life.

Click here to subscribe and implement a path to Sophrosyne in your life.

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