A Sophrologist is someone who studies the mind, body, spirit, and breath to determine behavioural and biological issues of humans. In comparison, a Psychologist is someone who studies the mind to determine behavioural issues of humans.

As you can see from these definitions, a Sophrologist strives to work with clients in a complete and holistic strategy.


There are eleven systems in the body. None of them work independently. It is therefore vital to focus on conscious harmony of all of the systems while balancing mind, body, spirit, and breath.


A Sophrologist uses an empowerment approach to help clients achieve long term wellbeing from the inside out. 

  • Discover the secret of Sophrology

    1 hr - No charge
  • An opportunity to meet and discuss your needs.

    30 min

  • A unique combination of Sophrology and CBT Techniques to empower you.

    1 hr

    85 New Zealand dollars
  • Understanding your strengths, values, hopes, desires, and purpose.

    40 New Zealand dollars